Monday, February 24, 2014

The Roost settles in on Avenue B

Vito DiTomaso opened the original Luca Lounge on Avenue B back in 1997. The venue closed sometime in the spring of 2012. (Luca Bar remains open on St. Mark's Place.)

Turns out that DiTomaso is making a return engagement to 222 Avenue B with The Roost, a coffee shop-bar hybrid that held a friends-family gathering on Saturday night.

Here's the description via The Roost Facebook page

The Roost is a hideout that pays homage to iconic spaces of the past where high and low can find common ground and drink, eat, laugh and carouse together.

They'll be serving coffee (Brooklyn Roasting Co.) … as well as beer… and we're not sure what else exactly at the moment.

The Roost Facebook page includes a few photos of the interior…

There's also a fireplace.

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