Sunday, February 23, 2014

The most amazing photo of a rainbow that you will see today, most likely

We posted a photo of a (the?) rainbow from late Friday afternoon

…EVG reader Cliffdweller sent along this photo taken from the East Village that afternoon… showing a (the?) rainbow ending, seemingly, at the Chrysler Building…

And the photo has not been altered/Photoshopped/Instagrammed, etc.

Per Cliffdweller: "The photo didn't do it justice — it was quite a sight. But yes, the picture is definitely real — as real as rainbows ever are…"


Anonymous said...

I think I remember during Whelan's movie The Avengers that Thor charged up his hammer while hanging off the Chrysler now the rainbow bridge goes there as well.

Maybe the next sighting will be Idris Elba or Tom Hiddleston on the sidewalk in front of the place?

Shawn said...

Can I buy a full-rez of that Grieve? Can you put me in touch with the photographer?


Anonymous said...

...what, no pot o' gold references?
(spectacular photo.)