Tuesday, February 25, 2014

They don't make TV commercials like they used to: Lou Reed stumps for 'Sally Can’t Dance'

Via Dangerous Minds comes this video ... a 30-second TV spot from 1974 for "Sally Can’t Dance," Lou Reed's fourth solo album.

Per Richard Metzger, who wrote the post:

Wait, what? A Lou Reed TV commercial from 1974? At the height of his speed-shooting, bleached-blonde black nail-polish bi/gay persona? That’s right, apparently someone thought it was a good idea to push the Rock-n-Roll Animal’s career over the airwaves before it peaked. It’s not like a stone cold FREAK such as Lou Reed was going to get on American television otherwise was it?

Oh yeah.

Head on over to Dangerous Minds for more on the album...


Crazy Eddie said...

Frigging Fantastic!

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Swoop, swoop. Oh baby rock, rock.

Anonymous said...

Hindsight is impossible with this. You don't know how much irony and camp was involved with this, nor how it was used. The 1970's are a mine of ideas yet to be explored. And this "commercial" or whatever it was called in those days. does not even remotely connect to what our idea of who Lou Reed is now, or what our idea is of what he was back then.

TRED said...

Hey, don't settle for walkin.