Monday, February 17, 2014

Burkina renews lease for First Avenue

[Photo by Yenta Laureate]

Last month, hip-hop clothing shop Burkina NYC began a going-out-of-business sale at their store on First Avenue near East Fourth Street. We heard that they were set to close after Saturday….

However, EVG correspondent Stacie Joy stopped by on Saturday and talked with owner Ahmed Sankara …

[Photo by Stacie Joy]

… and learned that their closing/$5 fire sale was so successful, the landlord has asked Burkina to stay … Sankara has agreed to another several years on a lease at an "affordable" price. He also said that he was overwhelmed by the support of the neighborhood … and credits the outreach and support with helping change the landlord's mind about a lease.

Burkina moved here in the fall of 2011 after 16 years on East Houston.

[Photo by Yenta Laureate]


Anonymous said...

Non of that makes any sense but I'm glad to see another small business survive.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Nice outcome.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I had never noticed this shop until I walked by late last night and saw the $5 sale. I picked up a hat and a T-Shirt (LES / East Village). It's great to hear that this may have contributed.

Unknown said...

love this store.. been goin there for years. when i saw the 5.00 for everything sign i bugged out! proceeded to go there everyday and buy something.... needless to say im VERY happy there stayin opened!!!

Unknown said...

This message is for Anonymous. Nothing personal but...

Your experiences with Rosie Mendez may have been good. I am glad that she helped you. However, the fact is that Rosie will not help tenants who have landlords that are powerful and wealthy. Read between the lines...

Myself and another tenant have a very powerful and wealthy landlord. We sought her help and Mendez did absolutely nothing.

The tenant is a long time resident. Speaks limited English and does not read it. Something our wealthy landlord took advantage of. Our very wealthy landlord uses "tactics" that are unethical. He attempted to pull one on me but I defend myself.

At the present time the very wealthy landlord is attempting to evict his hard working SENIOR tenant. Rosie knew all of this and she did absolutely nothing to help.

I have a feeling your landlord is not as powerful or as wealthy as ours is.

I was not impressed with del Rio (what ever his name is) but voted for him just to get her out. This community has to do a better job at finding elected officials.

In the mean time I hope that Anonymous' landlord does become too wealthy because I assure you your feeling about Rosie Mendez will change.