Saturday, November 15, 2014

Crime scene tape remains on 3rd Avenue and East 13th Street

Several readers noted the presence of crime-scene tape outside the Brazen Fox on Third Avenue and East 13th Street early this morning.

Per one reader who was on a pre-dawn walk: "the sidewalk was blocked off, at least on the 13th Street side, and there was a patrol car parked there at the corner of 3rd Ave with lights flashing."

We don't have any information about what may have happened.

Droplets of blood remain on the sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

Maybe NYPD can move their OMNIPRESENCE campaign seen last night on 4th and C and 5th and D over to the bro bar infested part of the east village. Last night had light towers illuminating both the RIIS houses and all their neighbors as well as the stately building on the corner opposite Fine Fare. An ESU truck was parked on 3rd st for a long while as well. The lights at 4th and C have been running all day today

Anonymous said...

There have been two shootings in the past week and a half at both locations. Therefore the "omnipresence". Law abiding citizens have no problem with it.

Mark Hand The Catchman said...

More crime on Ave C & D... sooooory lights stay.
Signed, Police Commish Baaahston

Anonymous said...

@anonymous ESU and most of the guys parked on ave C are not 9th pct and not responsible for patrolling the neighborhood. Definitely agree that the 9th needs to do a way better job in the neighborhood, but don't blame the other guys for not picking up their slack.

Anonymous said...

6:17AM "Law abiding citizens have no problem with it."

Don't try and shame people into putting up with extreme police presence especially when you're incorrect. I agree with 4:59PM and I'm law-abiding.