Monday, November 17, 2014

Yaffa Cafe's former sidewalk cafe is now a garbage dump

Yaffa Cafe officially announced their closure back on Oct. 1 after 30-plus years in business.

We've been curious what will happen to the space at 97 St. Mark's Place just east of First Avenue. We've haven't heard any news about this in recent weeks… the only activity to note is that someone moved the garbage and recycling to the space where Yaffa's sidewalk cafe was…

Yaffa's management decided to call it quits after the city ordered them to discontinue use of their backyard garden … and from the fines stemming from a recent DOH inspection.

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Anonymous said...

I actually found out what might happen to this space yesterday. 3 women stopped me on East 9th Street between 1st and A and asked me to sign a petition to show community support for a Portuguese restaurant that they hope to open in the Yaffa Cafe space.

Anonymous said...

looks like the same rules apply for Yaffa and Sixth Ward

so will David McWater and Bob Perl have to do the same with the illegal enclosure at DBA or will their cronies at CB3 allow them special privileges ?

What say you Alexandra Militano and Susan Stetzer ?

Anonymous said...

The people who own St. Dymphna's, across the street, have purchased the space. The signatures being sought were in connection with a full liquor license.

Anonymous said...

edit to 4:11 comment: should have said have taken over the space - not sure the specific nature of the acquisition.