Thursday, November 20, 2014

[Updated] Hop Devil Grill and The Belgian Room closed for now on St. Mark's Place

We noticed the NYPD signage outside the two bars on St. Mark's Place this morning…

The signs note a "violation of Alcohol Control Law."

No mention of the closure on the respective bars' social media properties.

As of tonight, bar places remain closed.

Updated 11-22

Both bars are back open.


Anonymous said...

Underage drinking/serving is what I'm guessing

Anonymous said...

They've had issues with that in the past - and brought it entirely on themselves.

5 or more years ago this was a great beer bar and had knowledgable staff and a good manager. 4 or so years ago they fired all the good staff and decided to turn this into an NYU "rager" bar with jager shot coolers and tequila slammers and all the rest. The bar staff was hired for their looks not their knowledge or service.

This used to be a good neighborhood bar and I and my friends were regulars, the last time we went, we could hear twenty somethings screaming in there from outside and decided to give it a pass. If the owners had not decided to be so greedy and short sighted they could maintain a steady and good business. As it is they are shut down because they target their place to kids - many of whom are underage.

Anonymous said...

Ownership changed irrespective of the changes in clientele you mentioned. And in June the long time management (spanning from both current to former ownership) was fired and replaced by a new team. This new team, of which I am a member, has no interest in that crowd. We don't sell jager. Or red bull. Or soco. Or bud light. This shut down was because of old tickets pre-dating our arrival became lumped with a ticket on the belgian side from early in the year. Our assumption is it took the authorities a while to realize both HD and Belgian are the same business.

Refardless. We have no interest in being the type of bar you describe. And actively work to NOT be that place. 28 unusual craft beers, not a single one of them "light" doesn't encourage "Ragers" I promise you.

We expect to be open Monday. Hope you all will consider coming by.



I liked this place better when it was Stingy LuLu's. Apparently the new management thinks every surface would be better with a flat screen TV on it to compete with the blaring sound system. I went there for drinks with a friend a few months ago. It was just the two of us in the bar and we literally had to scream at each other to be heard. So ridiculous.

moe said...

Although it was not really the type of place that would have been on my own radar, back about 15 years ago I had an ex that was friends with some of the trannies that were waitressing at Stingy Lulu's, and I sure did have some great times there.

Just sayin.


@moe Werd. There was a chick who worked there that had an Axl Rose thing going on, she made the best Long Island Iced Teas. They were a great staff. Now it's like having a drink in the home entertainment center of a Best Buy.

Anonymous said...

Hop Devil Grill and Belgian Room will reopen at noon for brunch Tomm.


Anonymous said...

No one cares.

Anonymous said...

I care! C'mon have a heart. It's a small local business. And what's better than Belgian beer and frites? I've enjoyed that place a lot in past years (with mature folk).

Anonymous said...

Tomm? Obvi even the staff have regressed to being a teenager.

Nothing Belgian about the Belgian Room, a couple of beers, that's it. Used to have a couple of Belgian staff. But they got rid of them slong with the friendly staff and replaced them with doucheologists who think that they are the best people that ever worked behind a bar. Hop Devil Grill smells like the peep show booths after they have just been cleaned with bleach. Customers who would've missed either or both places are NYU and other college kiddies who would've moved on to other bars that EV has to offer eventually anyway. Food in both places aren't om nom nom nom. These places aren't bae. Sorry not sorry.

Anonymous said...

Small local business? It just another bar. Hardly special.