Sunday, November 23, 2014

RV arrives ahead of Christmas trees and inflatable Santa on East 14th Street

EVG reader Pinch is on the breaking news this evening… the RV is now in place at First Avenue for the annual tree sales… the children are all hopeful that inflatable Santa Claus will be coming to this part of town soon

2012 flashback!


Giovanni said...

Which means it's almost time to throw away last year's Christmas tree.

Born on 6 Street 1 and 2 Ave 1951 said...

I used to sell Christmas trees for 37 years on the corner of, 4 ST and 1 "Av. I hired local people to work not like this guy from Florida.. He hires people from Canada not locals. He has a monopoly and makes at least a million dollars. With all of his stands all over the city. City should change the rules and regulations that you can only have up to 5 locations give local people a chance to make some money