Friday, November 28, 2014

Exploring 2 like-minded small shops on East 6th Street

As the holiday shopping season gets underway... EVG contributor Stacey Joy takes a look at two women-owned, side-by-side boutiques on East Sixth Street near Cooper Square ...

Handcrafted Mosaic Lamps (208 E. Sixth St.), with the tagline “Make the Sun Jealous,” features Turkish mosaic-style lamps, lights and candleholders. It is owned and operated by Melissa Benovic, who makes certain that each lamp is run on LED lights and that prices remain affordable.

I spied a beautiful rainbow-colored candleholder made for tea lights at $60 as well as a crave-worthy blue hanging glass lamp at $110. This shop is tiny, maybe 325 square feet, with a beautiful layout and Melissa could not have been warmer or more accommodating. Amazingly knowledgeable about all things lamp-related, I didn’t want to leave the shop! It is especially welcoming in the dark, early winter cold.

Hours are flexible, but traditionally open Monday through Saturday, from 1 to 8 pm.


Nomad Vintage, also at 208 E. Sixth St., is owned and operated by Katie McDonnell, and is a small shop crammed full of her hand-selected vintage treasures.

Textiles, shoes, fabrics, dresses and all manner of vintage jewelry and accessories can be found here. Katie was kind enough to show me some of her favorites ... and I was excited to see a sweet velvet cape perfect for early winter walks, some Vivienne Westwood heels that I could never walk in but would love to own, and batik shirt that looked vaguely Moroccan.

Pieces here tend to be slightly more high-end, with accompanying price tags. The patchwork denim and flannel cape I liked was tagged at $225. Hours here are also flexible (and some days by appointment only) so please contact Katie to make sure the shop is open before heading out that way.

Always happy to see small local businesses succeed, Melissa and Katie both spoke about their love for the neighborhood and the people in the area.



Those lights are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

The candle holders make a unique wedding gift. We have given them twice now and are still getting thank you's.