Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rent hike forcing Marjory Warren to close on East 9th Street

Marjory Warren, a women's clothing and accessories boutique at 309 E. Ninth St., will close at the end of November thanks in part to a rent increase.

The boutique moved to this storefront between First Avenue and Second Avenue from the Upper East Side in 2009. Aside from the rent increase, owner Chris Warren cited a building tax and a decline in foot traffic that never recovered after Hurricane Sandy as other factors in the closure.

Per a statement to us:

"It's been a heart wrenching process,” said Warren. "I've tried to keep this up and running for as long as possible, but it's simply not viable at this point.

"I'm brokenhearted that I have to leave this wonderful little street. But I have to come back here for business every week so I know I can stay connected to the neighborhood and that offers me solace."

She was able to find a new storefront back on the Upper East Side (115 E. 96th St. near Park Avenue). The new location is set to open on Dec. 2.

As for the East Village location, there's a moving party tonight from 6-9. Find details here.


Anonymous said...

I thought the LES was becoming the new UES but it looks like the UES is now the new LES. When is the bubble once know as the LES going to pop?

Anonymous said...

So someone from outside the neighborhood opened a store here, didn't make enough money, and is now moving back? Why should we care? "Not enough foot traffic" means not enough people from outside the neighborhood. This store could be anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I believe the same happened to one of my favorite stores on E. 10 (A) - Limited Supply. I went by the other day and it was closed up, said a "Rent Increase" forced their hand :(.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame this store is leaving us. Chris Warren is a lovely woman who's really devoted to this neighborhood and has forged strong relationships with the people who live here. I disagree with the commenter who mentions that this store could be anywhere -her shop screams East Village to me -I'll be sad to see her go.

Anonymous said...

Re 10:41 -- I really liked Limited Supply too. Very sad to see that gone.

good neighbor said...

I was walking home from the subway on East 96 St. suddenly spotting a store I didn't remember seeing before. It is not on street level so hard to notice. It said Marjory Warren. I was so surprised and pleased, as I shopped there when it was on Madison Ave. Good Luck. Please make your signage more visible