Monday, November 24, 2014

Twist might actually really be closed on Avenue A

Twist, the FroYo-gelato spot at 70 Avenue A near East Fifth Street, had been keeping pretty random hours.

The moment you think Twist was closed for good… it reopened for business. We heard in recent weeks that the place was really dead, but like Jason Vorhees, it seemed a sure bet to come back to life for a sequel.

Last night, EVG reader Alexis Weiss saw the empty storefront. Workers were cleaning out the space, loading equipment into a van parked the wrong way on East Fifth Street.

Twist opened in September 2013.


Giovanni said...

More bad news for froyo in general and for D.F Mavens ice cream-free ice cream, still working on its permanently under-construction unopened store on St Marks Place. One year of staring at their plywood is enough already, even Zoltar is sick of looking at it

Anonymous said...

Among the many mysteries about this place, which would open for a day or two, and then close for a week before opening for an evening, and so on, was how the heck do you do this with a product like soft ice-cream or frozen yogurt, where the mix must be fresh and refrigerated? I mean it's one thing if you are selling books or jewelry and decide to show up every now and then and give it a shot for the day, but a highly perishable dairy item?

Anonymous said...

I always thought this place was a front for something. even when they were open no one was ever in there!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank god, that place made no sense to begin with. hoping they can fill that space with something amazing!