Friday, January 6, 2017

The 'Wild Women of Planet Wongo' returns to the Parkside Lounge

After a two-month run in the back room at the Parkside Lounge in November and December, the campy "Wild Women of Planet Wongo" is back for a three-month weekend residency starting tonight.

The sci-fi musical comedy (find the plot here) originally played in Bushwick in 2015. (The Times gave it a decent-enough review, saying "the entire cast ... is unstinting with its energy and enthusiasm.")

EVG correspondent Stacie Joy caught a performance at the Parkside during its first run and shared these photos...

Find ticket info here. The admission price includes a Wongotini (vodka, Midori, tequila and lime juice). And the performance is interactive, meaning audience members may find themselves part of the show.

The Parkside Lounge is at 317 E. Houston St. and Attorney.


Anonymous said...

Hard to top the original movie from the 60s

Felton said...

At the Parkside Lounge: Maggie (Jena Malone) works as a waitress. Her homeless father (Richard Gere) comes in, and she pours him a beer. Dad, you've got to stop asking me for money, she tells him, for the million, billion, zillionth time. This is the final scene of the remarkable movie, "Time Out of Mind."