Tuesday, April 24, 2018

CB3 to hear City Council report 'Planning for Retail Diversity'

Tomorrow (Wednesday) night, CB3's Economic Development Committee will hear a City Council report titled "Planning for Retail Diversity: Supporting NYC’s Neighborhood Businesses."

Brian Paul, the author of the City Council report, is presenting. CB3 hopes to support actions from this report. (You can find a PDF of "Planning for Retail Diversity" here.)

The meeting is open to the public... it starts at 6:30 p.m. (Wednesday, April 25) in the University Settlement at Houston Street Center (273 Bowery).

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Gojira said...

Funny, we had retail diversity, lots of it, but the City Council has steadfastly refused to take any actions to preserve it, starting in the 1980s when Ruth Messinger, then-Borough President, introduced a bill to save mom-and-pops and couldn't even get it brought to the floor for a vote. That ship has sailed, sorry to say.