Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Report: New building permits filed for former St. Denis Hotel property

[Image via Wikipedia Commons]

Plans are moving forward for a new office development at 799 Broadway at 11th Street — the former St. Denis Hotel.

The Real Deal reported that Normandy Real Estate Partners filed permit applications for a new 12-story building.

Here's more from New York Yimby:

Original reports said the development of 799 Broadway was limited to a gut renovation of the interior structure and a vertical expansion of the historic corner property. Permits filed ... however, reveal the construction of a new, 12-story, 182-foot-tall building containing 182,626 square feet of Class-A office space. An additional 10,032 square feet will be dedicated to an unspecified community facility.

TRD also had an updated rendering of the building via design firm Perkins + Will...

Demolition permits haven't been filed just yet for 799 Broadway. As previously noted, the 165-year-old building is noteworthy for many reasons. It opened in 1853 as the St. Denis Hotel, which is where Ulysses S. Grant wrote his post-Civil War memoirs and Alexander Graham Bell provided the first demonstration of the telephone to New Yorkers.

However, the building is not landmarked... and it is not in a Historic District.

Vanishing New York's Jeremiah Moss, a former tenant at the address, wrote a feature titled "The Death and Life of a Great American Building" for The New York Review of Books back in March.

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JQ LLC said...


Design inspiration:

Who cares if the victorious general of the Civil War and the greatest American Inventor who built the prototype of the telephone (which without it, we wouldn't have this internet) resided here. When there are so many innovators going on today? Even if they are self-proclaimed or being told they are by block lettered advertisements with smug assholes pictured on them.



Anonymous said...

Oh god. That rendering!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry. That has to be a joke.

Anonymous said...

That has got to be the most drunk building I have ever seen. Someone seeing this drunk will be shocked sober.

They are taking out an historical building for this?????

cmarrtyy said...

What is this? National Ugly Building Day in the EV. WHAT A HORROR! The best New York buildings fill the property lines. The set backs and stacking look stupid in context when the sides of the adjoining buildings are exposed.

Anonymous said...

"Normandy and Ares could possibly look to add to the site with air rights from the landmarked Grace Church across the street at 802 Broadway, said one source familiar with the project."

Found the above on Normandy's website, which reprinted it from The Real Deal. Has Grace Church sold any development rights to allow this monstrosity to get bigger?

JQ LLC said...

Wait I was wrong about what inspired the design of this hideousity

It's from donkey kong