Sunday, April 22, 2018

Today in posts about cake smells at bus stops

To promote the new season of "Chef’s Table: Pastry," Netflix created a Smell-O-Vision ad of sorts at two NYC bus stops, including 14th Street near Second Avenue.

I read about it on Eater back on Monday, but only just remembered to look at (and smell) the bus stop.

Every five minutes, the ads release a sweet smell, per Eater. There is definitely an odor — not unpleasant ... reminiscent of, say, super sugary breakfast cereal.

Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi is featured in the series... so you can apparently go to Milk Bar around the corner on 13th Street for your fix.

The ad — and sugary scent — will continue here through May 6.

1 comment:

JQ LLC said...

Does John Waters get a royalty for this idea?

It'll be intriguing how the aroma will mesh when a bum plops down. Maybe the MTA should implement this fixture on the most stinkiest homeless inhabited subway lines