Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Construction watch: 3 E. 3rd St.

The condoplex coming to 3 E. Third St. just off the Bowery recently made its first appearance above the plywood.

Inspiron, the project's construction manager, has the details on what to expect:

The Building is a concrete design that will be roughly 13,400 square-feet. The space will be split between residential spaces on the upper floors with luxurious roof top access and commercial space on the lower floors. The project is anticipated to be complete in the spring of 2019.

Since the last look at the site, the building has been modified.

This is the PREVIOUS rendering...

[Rendering via Barrett Design]

And now the updated rendering ...

[Barrett Design]

Here's CityRealty on what's different:

[T]he building has been reduced by one floor, the setback removed, and will use metal instead of stone. The design will complement the austere zinc façade of Selldorf’s tower next door, and be clad in a glass and metal curtain wall of full-height windows, metal fins, and I-beam like spandrel sections.

The former building at this site most recently served as short-term rentals for students and interns.

[3 E. 3rd St. in April 2015]

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DrGecko said...

The design of this formulaic dull-ass building will complement the design of the formulaic dull-ass building next door.

No, sorry. Will complement the design of the "austere" dull-ass building next door, which also doesn't relate to anything around it.

This looks to be a small, stupid version of the Lever House, but with no regard for its context.

Anonymous said...

another uninspired piece of architecture that does nothing to add to the historic nature of the block or neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The original building they tore down had character; the one they are going to put up is one more anonymous glass box that's out of context to the area.

cmarrtyy said...

It's not out of "context" it's UGLY! These shoe-boxes are built to maximize floor space and profits. And since neighborhoods are being destroyed what difference does it make that it looks like midtown? I'll answer that... On second thought, I won't. It's too painful.

Anonymous said...

@cmarrtty: It's BOTH ugly ANd out of context. (Although at the rate they're putting up glass boxes, soon it will be IN context, sadly.)