Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Demolition watch: 3 E. 3rd St.

3 E. Third St. is wrapped and looking ready for demolition here just off of the Bowery.

Workers have baited the building for rats and removed asbestos...

As reported last fall, Brooklyn-based Barrett Design has plans for a seven-story mixed-use condoplex on the lot. The building will feature a retail condo on the ground floor and five apartments above, consisting of four full-floor units and a duplex penthouse.

[Rendering via Barrett Design]

No. 3 will join this luxurious corner of Third Street and the Bowery...

For the past 20-plus years, 3 E. Third St. served as short-term rentals for students and interns..

[3 E. 3rd St. in April 2015]

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Anonymous said...

Our neighborhood is being demolished one or two or three buildings at a time,
we are being displaced and replaced by rich-luxury apartments
meant for someone else. We are effectively, slowly but surely being moved out.

Where are any local or state politicians to help here ?

cmartyy said...


They are helping. They are helping themselves, their party and one party rule. We might as well live in a dictatorship. I stopped asking WHERE ARE OUR POLITICIANS. We know where they are - feeding off the public trough.

You can understand why in the recent French election 27% voted to abstain!

Anonymous said...

This building was vacant for over 4 years..Would you rather have something new and actually lived in or a vacant dilapidated building sitting there? I say bring the new building and residents. It's very sad that people oppose things like this.