Tuesday, May 16, 2017

EV Grieve Etc.: NYPD calls LES synagogue fire arson; Schiller's announces its closure

[Photo on 9th and A via Derek Berg]

NYPD calls LES synagogue fire arson (The Lo-Down ... previously)

CB3's SLA committee votes to deny Epstein's revival on Stanton and Allen (BoweryBoogie)

Keith McNally is closing Schiller's on the LES in August (Eater) An ode to the Loudest Brunch Spot on the LES (The Awl)

Two plays and dinner at the New York Theater Workshop on Fourth Street (The New York Times)

The fares are not what they seem: the "Twin Peaks" metro cards (Welcome to Twin Peaks)

Flashback: The start of the Summer of Love in the East Village (B+B)

Sad state of food affairs at Alta on Lafayette (Gothamist) ... though this reviews says they have the city's best guacamole (Grub Street)

WTF diversions: Psychic medium claims to be in contact with the late Jeff Buckley; says he sings Creed's "My Sacrifice" to himself (Dangerous Minds)

...East Village Hats on Seventh Street is now Sally's Wig Store for the filming of the Netflix series "Jessica Jones" ... the store reopens Thursday...

[Photo by Derek Berg]


Giovanni said...
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Giovanni said...

Of course the Synagogue fire was arson. That place was part of the City's Landmark Incineration Program. Looks like someone got their hands on a Bic lighter and a can of gasoline after all, or as New York landlords like to call it, an Instant Building Demolition Kit.

Gojira said...

I would think the powers that be would want to have a little chat with the rabbi who has been pushing so h ard for de-listing, I am sure he knows just what happened to that irreplaceable building. If he is found to have had a hand in it, he needs serious jail time.

Giovanni said...

The police just arrested a 14 year old boy for setting the fire, but this place went up in flames much too fast, like it was done by someone who knows how to burn a building down. They really need to investigate this one closely and not automatically hang it all on some kid. The same thing happened to an old Church in Chelsea near Madison Square Park last year, the whole place went up too fast to save it. New York is burning, again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jessica Jones!

Gojira said...

One of the articles I read about the incident said a guy on a bicycle was going by the synagogue, heard an explosion in the building, and then saw flames shooting. That sounds like a professional arsonist's accelerant, not some dumb teenager's doing.

Scuba Diva said...

When I read the original piece about the synagogue, I automatically wondered if there was foul play. So sad to have this [probably] confirmed, but I know developers have a lot at stake in properties they want to develop not being landmarked, so they have as few restrictions as possible.

Regardless, I hope someone pays—in the form of jail time.

Anonymous said...

Windows were open and/or broken week prior to the fire and everyone watching from Delancey St. couldn't understand why the fire dept.'s response was so delayed. They're only a few blocks away.