Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Demolition watch: 3 E. 3rd St.

3 E. Third St. is wrapped and looking ready for demolition here just off of the Bowery.

Workers have baited the building for rats and removed asbestos...

As reported last fall, Brooklyn-based Barrett Design has plans for a seven-story mixed-use condoplex on the lot. The building will feature a retail condo on the ground floor and five apartments above, consisting of four full-floor units and a duplex penthouse.

[Rendering via Barrett Design]

No. 3 will join this luxurious corner of Third Street and the Bowery...

For the past 20-plus years, 3 E. Third St. served as short-term rentals for students and interns..

[3 E. 3rd St. in April 2015]

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Anonymous said...

Our neighborhood is being demolished one or two or three buildings at a time,
we are being displaced and replaced by rich-luxury apartments
meant for someone else. We are effectively, slowly but surely being moved out.

Where are any local or state politicians to help here ?

cmartyy said...


They are helping. They are helping themselves, their party and one party rule. We might as well live in a dictatorship. I stopped asking WHERE ARE OUR POLITICIANS. We know where they are - feeding off the public trough.

You can understand why in the recent French election 27% voted to abstain!

Anonymous said...

This building was vacant for over 4 years..Would you rather have something new and actually lived in or a vacant dilapidated building sitting there? I say bring the new building and residents. It's very sad that people oppose things like this.

Former East Villager said...

The "vacant dilapidated building" was my home for over two decades, before the landlord took over; evicted me and my RS friends -- I was the last to be gotten rid of -- and turned it into the re-branded '3 E 3 Dorm'. They lived for fast turnover.

I would have loved it to be preserved -- it had amazing features ripped out (like a beautiful tin ceiling in the communal bathroom to look more modern and sleek) and kept as it was; an SRO with period fixtures, reasonable rent for interns, students, and those who wanted to live there long-term. Like me. Hope they preserve the marble staircase and gorgeous stair rail. And light fixtures on the third floor.

Stori said...

It's been a year or so since you posted this...but wow?!?! you brought me to tears! I lived at 3 east 3rd, #3 in late 2000, early 2001. I can't believe how much the neighborhood has changed?! Unrecognizable. I remember the staircase/rail, the tin ceiling, the first floor bathroom with it's tub and 2! thanks for reminding me!