Wednesday, June 20, 2018

E Smoke Shop will remain on St. Mark's Place

The E Smoke Shop will continue keeping you in lottery tickets, cheap cigars and water pipes on St. Mark's Place... signage is up on the shop on Third Avenue at St. Mark's Place announcing their upcoming move down the block toward Second Avenue ...

E Smoke Shop is vacating ahead of the demolition of this corner. As previously reported, a seven-story, 66,000-square-foot office building with ground-floor retail is slated for this property. Permits were filed on March 15 to remove the low-rise buildings at 3 St. Mark’s Place, 23 and 25-27 Third Avenue.

The E Smokers arrived in early 2014, taking over New Corner Magazine (or King's Magazine).

And a quick flashback (to before 2009) for a look at DJ Lenny M's Music World, the mix-tape emporium that had a kiosk on the Third Avenue side...

You can find DJ Lenny M on Facebook these days.

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Anonymous said...

It's always been a sort of crummy looking corner which made it so completely authentic...because it was. It will be sad to see it all torn down and developed into yet another "no-character architecturally boring" corner.

Anonymous said...

I checked out this shop's "moving sale" a couple weeks ago. BS! Everything in the store was comically overpriced. Exactly who is a shop like this serving? Seem to deal primarily in lottery tix and blunt wrappers, kind of place. Which seems quite out of step with this rather sanitized area.

Anonymous said...

You can see that bulding on the corner in old postcards from 1900. Its hostorical building. Soon to be replaced by The Blandness of Death Architecture.

Anonymous said...

> DJ Lemmy M

There should only be one "M" (and two "n"'s).

EV Grieve said...

Thanks 11:29. I think I was listening to Motörhead while posting this!

Peter Feld said...

Makes me so heartsick that the city lets a 200 year old building be destroyed.