Saturday, August 4, 2018

This block of 1st Street is trailer free for the time being after 6-plus years

Workers have removed the trailer that has sat here on First Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue these past seven years.

A reader who lives nearby said that crews will be starting water-main work on this block.

Since January 2012, the trailer served as an outdoor gallery via the Centre-fuge Public Art Project.

Centre-fuge was up to Cycle 23. (The art has not changed here since last August.)

The trailer was supposed to be relocated someplace nearby (I didn't walk around looking for it. Yet!)

Perhaps it will return to this spot. The Department of Transportation uses the trailer as an office for the East Houston Reconstruction project that is due for completion in 2077 (give or take a decade).

Anyway, here's a look back to May 2014... when Lexi Bella created a collection titled "Heroines of the Lower East Side" as part of the first Lower East Side History Month...

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