Sunday, April 5, 2020

Free tomato seedlings on 7th and A

Someone carefully placed these seedlings out on Seventh Street and Avenue A at the entrance to Tompkins Square Park this morning.

The neatly written sign explains:

These seedlings were raised on a windowsill. Grown from seed (from a beefsteak tomato from Trader Joe's).

Planted on Feb. 20, so they should bear fruit in 4-6 weeks.

Plant them in a big pot (they'll get big!) (the paper pots will dissolve)

If you want to grow them outside, they'll need to be hardened off. (Google it. It's easy)

Thanks to the reader for this photo!


Anonymous said...

SHIT! I was just there and Never saw this (Long Walk back for me)...:(

Anonymous said...

thank you kind soul!

DrGecko said...

Careful. They look innocent and cute now, but when they grow up they might be carnivorous and hungry. I've seen this in the movies.

Anonymous said...

Stopped by and saw these sitting there, just had to try one but ended up eating 3! They’re too good! Thank you whomever left these there.