Thursday, May 14, 2020

Construction watch: 94-96 Avenue A

Workers were spotted starting last Thursday at 94-96 Avenue A, the building on the northeast corner of Avenue A and Sixth Street.

As we reported in May 2019, the new owner of No. 94-96 filed plans with the city for a one-floor extension at the building that previously housed Sidewalk Bar and Restaurant.

That work is underway, as you can hear the sound of jackhammers coming from the roof. And this work is apparently considered essential in the eyes of the city... the Essential Active Construction Site lists this address under the sub-category of "essential facility" and "affordable housing." To date, there hasn't been any public announcements about an affordable housing component here...

According to the approved work permit, there'll be an interior renovation of the fourth-floor apartments, and an addition of a fifth floor. The three buildings in this assemblage/zoning lot — 94 Avenue A, 96 Avenue A and 501 E. Sixth St. — will be combined into one, per the permit.

The building's current square footage will increase from 8,304 to 10,151. Despite the expansion, the taller No. 94-96 will have 10 residential units instead of the current 11. The filing also shows that there are plans for a roof deck.

This corner was home for 32-plus years to the Sidewalk, which closed in February 2019.

Penn South Capital paid $9.6 million for the property in March 2019, per public records. Pini Milstein, who retired, was the principal owner of the building as well as the operator of the Sidewalk.

A bar-restaurant called August Laura opened in the building's retail space last October. They are currently closed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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