Friday, December 18, 2020

RIP Sam Jayne

Sam Jayne, the talented singer-songwriter of Love as Laughter and Lync, has died. He was 46. 

According to his friends and multiple media outlets, he had been missing since Dec. 7. There was a frantic social-media-driven search for him. Police found him in his car on Tuesday. An NYPD spokesperson told Pitchfork that a preliminary investigation didn't show any "signs of criminality." (Update: His family created a website in his memory. According to his family, he died of an undiagnosed heart condition.)

Jayne had been bartending at Daddy's and Clem's in Williamsburg. 

This Brooklyn Vegan post has tributes from his many peers in the music business. The above video is for the Love as Laughter track "Coconut Flakes" from 2007.

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LPIFLY said...

Didn't know him but apparently most of my friend circles did. Sad I never got to meet him as I've heard nothing but great things
Here is a tribute sight made by his family that includes probably cause of death.