Monday, December 21, 2020

Sauced Up! spreads its wings on 2nd Avenue

Sauced Up! is now open for business at 77 Second Ave. between Fourth Street and Fifth Street. 

It was more than a year ago since we first saw signage for the quick-serve establishment, which, aside from wings, offers sandwiches, fries, tater tots, etc. You can find their menu and ordering info here

An EVG reader who shared news of the opening stopped by for takeout and reports: "the chicken was delicious." 

Several other readers have said they are pleased by seeing a new business open along this stretch where there were four consecutive empty storefronts ... the encampment in front of the now-closed Nostro seems to have scaled back. Closed storefronts are now limited to Atlas, Nostro and the psychic.
Photo from Dec. 14

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