Sunday, December 27, 2020

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included... 

• East Village Loves NYC prepares 1st holiday feast; tops more than 70,000 meals made for hungry New Yorkers in 2020 (Wednesday

• A Visit with Frank "Frankie Christmas" Bianco (Tuesday

• This East Village resident is holding a one-man protest against landlord Steve Croman (Tuesday)

• High winds takes down the B&H Dairy awning (Friday

• About Evil Katsu, a pop-up ghost kitchen now open on the Lower East Side (Monday

• East Village season's greetings (Friday)

• Gallery Watch: Mrs. Evan Williams by Jamian Juliano-Vilan at JTT Gallery (Wednesday

• This week's NY See panel (Thursday

The Village Voice is returning, and is this a good thing? (Wednesday)

• You may now drive — or jump up and down on — 1st Avenue at 7th Street again (Wednesday ... Monday

• Sweet Generation is leaving the East Village (Thursday)

• MiGarba shuts down on 4th Avenue: "We close due to New York restrictions and unsustainable rent" (Monday) 

• The now-closed Bleecker Street Bar looks to relocate to Broadway (Monday

• Sauced Up! spreads its wings on 2nd Avenue (Monday

• Medan Pasar now serving Malaysian cuisine on 7th Street (Thursday

• Signage reveal for Greenwich Marketplace on 4th Avenue (Thursday

• Teso Life is open on St. Mark's Place (Monday

• EVG turns 13 — thank you for the kind words! (Monday)

... and a scene from outdoor dining early last week on Sixth Street...
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