Thursday, December 17, 2020

Sanitation worker spares snowman's life on 7th Street!

As noted earlier today, Seventh Street has been closed to through traffic between First Avenue and Second Avenue... allowing for residents to use the open space for some post-Winter Storm Gail fun, such as building various snowmen/people. 

This afternoon, Goggla spotted a city snow plow making its way along the block:
I watched the snow plow head down the block and fully expected it to wipe out the snowman and was prepared to witness its death. To my surprise, the plow swerved out of the way and you can hear the sanitation worker shout, "Gotta save the snowman, y'know!"

Watch for yourself...  


JAMES said...

A good Christmas(and Chanukah!) story..

Anonymous said...

god bless this man!