Friday, December 18, 2020

Lovewild Design debuts on Avenue C

East Village native and current resident Sierra Zamarripa has realized a longtime dream — opening her own shop in the neighborhood. 

Yesterday, Sierra debuted Lovewild Design at 136 Avenue C between Eighth Street and Ninth Street. 

The sustainable gift shop first opened in South Williamsburg in June 2017. However, her heart was always here. The Brooklyn outpost will close after Dec. 24. 

In the early 1990s, her parents ran Wandering Dragon Trading Co., the antiques and oddities store on 10th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue ... it was an offbeat shop where some of the neighborhood's more eccentric characters could be found. 

In the (now-retired) EVG feature Out and About in the East Village in June 2017, Sierra talked about the influence of the shop on her life ... and her aspirations for running her own business here:
My dream would have definitely been to open my shop up over here but that wasn't possible due to the rents. It just seemed like an inevitable path. I grew up as an entrepreneur, and my parents and my grandmother were entrepreneurs. I used to take things, just find random things outside or in the shop, and I would fix them up and sell them right outside the shop, and then I had a shoeshine business, and then I sold milkshakes, and this was all before the age of 6.
Lovewild Design is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.-ish every day. Follow the shop on Instagram for updates.

Image via Instagram


Choresh Wald said...

Congratulations Sierra!

Anonymous said...

I bought some masks from them a few months ago (online) — nice quality, nice fabric designs. I will enjoy seeing the store.

Migs said...

Yay so excited to see this!

Lmknyc said...

Congratulations and best of luck!

Anonymous said...

The guidance also outlines that in order to qualify as outdoor dining, structures must have “two sides which are open air.”

“A structure with one open side or no open sides is considered inside space and may not be used during the effectiveness of this guidance,” the memo states, adding that “sides are not considered open if covered with clear plastic or other materials that restrict air flow.”

lasirenanyc said...

Felicidades Sierra, good luck !!