Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sinkholes forming in the freshly repaired intersection on 1st Avenue and 7th Street

Last Wednesday night and Thursday morning, DEP crews repaired the ruptured water main on First Avenue and Seventh Street — the second such break in a week

Now just a few days later, a tipster points out two budding sinkholes in the intersection...

Hopefully none of this leads to another disruption for nearby residents or businesses ... the water that gushed for several hours from the broken main last Wednesday night flooded basements along Seventh Street between First Avenue and Avenue A.

Also, as a reminder, this intersection saw several sinkholes (and a broken pipe) in March 2018. Revisit our post on it here.


Daniel said...

It makes you question the quality of work!

bill said...

This is what you get when the mcgub'ment runs the infrastructure.

"Imagine there's no country..."

Peace, anarchy.


Eden Bee said...

Looks cozy!

OlympiasEpiriot said...

No Bill, this is what happens when there isn't a geotech engineer inspecting to make sure enough appropriately headed backfill is placed and properly compacted before paving again.


Anonymous said...

my water is still brown