Monday, February 1, 2021

Happy No. 22 to Lavagna

Taking a break from posts about snow to wish Lavagnathe low-key Italian restaurant at 545 E. Fifth St., a happy 22nd anniversary.

In a time when far too many restaurants are closing, I'm happy to see that Lavagna has been able to continue to make it work during the pandemic. 

Will quote this review from over at The Infatuation from a few years back:
The place has been in business since 1999, and it’s still busy every night. Chalk it up to an excellent and consistent menu of pastas and entrees that keep the regulars coming back, exceptional daily specials, and a really good wine list. It’s everything that you want a cozy Italian restaurant to be, and it’s not even all that expensive. 
Lavagna, which is just west off of Avenue B, is open for some sidewalk and curbside seating and takeout and delivery from 5-10 p.m. daily. (Ordering from their website is simple.)

Congratulations to Yorgos and the entire Lavagna family.

Photo via the Lavagna Instagram account


Anonymous said...

Wow, 22.
I raise a glass of Montepulciano

Anonymous said...

hell yes! congratulations to yorgos! i remember seeing him sitting outside le gamin in the mornings with his good snaggle-toothed dog back in the day, he is a gem and so is lavagna!

Anonymous said...

luv you guys, hope you make it 22 more

Neighbor said...

Lavagna is so wonderful and seems to do everything well. Never had a bad meal there and they aren't just making good pasta! Definitely the best neighborhood Italian spot in my opinion