Monday, February 1, 2021

Nor'easter news

The nor'easter that people have been taking/tweeting about is apparently upon us. Here's the latest from the National Weather Service (with a photo above from Seventh and A this morning around 7)...

* WHAT...Heavy snow. Snow may change to a light wintry mix
tonight. Additional snow accumulations of 14 to 18 inches and
ice accumulations of a light glaze. Winds gusting as high as 45

* WHERE...Portions of northeast New Jersey and southeast New

* WHEN...Until 6 AM EST Tuesday.

* IMPACTS...Travel will be very difficult to impossible. The
hazardous conditions will impact the morning and evening
commute. Gusty winds could bring down tree branches.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Blizzard like conditions possible this
morning into this evening.
ABC7 meteorologist Jeff Smith called this "a rare snowstorm — the likes of which we see every five to 10 years."

The city is restricting non-essential travel...
... and the CitiBike network is offline... ... and there's no line at Key Food this morning...


Anonymous said...

I went out around 8am and it feels like a regular winter snow storm. McDonalds and Dunkin are open, as are Key Food and Rite Aid. As much as I appreciate the convenience, it's not cool that those corporations are making their employees travel to work.

Anonymous said...

Since when we became so soft around here? It's a once in a 5 year snow accumulation, not a hurricane.

Anonymous said...

Imagine it’s a city. None of these establishments are in a strip mall 5 miles from yours nor anyone else’s homes. Corporate entities like these should implement more sustainable practices. They could and should hire locally. I believe our KeyFoods may still have this as a model?

Anonymous said...

@11:17am: "It's not a hurricane." YEAH, it's a BLIZZARD, which is a hurricane with snow.

Beacon, NY said...

Corporate retail hiring @ $15/hr doesn't provide a living wage unless one lives in an affordable housing arrangement in NYC.

Speaking of Key Food, for city residents of the gentrifying Millennial and Gen Z crowd, this would be the last leg for grocery shopping in a snowstorm if Trader Joe's or Whole Foods is not reachable.

Anonymous said...

why do I bother reading these comments!

sophocles said...

blizzard = sustained winds 35 mph
hurricane = sustained winds 74 mph.