Saturday, February 6, 2021

Ray's 88th birthday at Ray's Candy Store goes global with virtual greetings

Earlier this week, a few friends stopped by Ray's Candy Store at 113 Avenue A to wish Ray a happy 88th birthday... (given the pandemic, there wan't any type of in-person celebration as in previous years — a tradition dating to 2007).

Gifts included mini cheesecakes from Veniero's that spelled out R-A-Y ...
Ray also watched the birthday video tributes that people recorded for him...
Greetings came in from Australia, Mexico, Chile, Italy, England, France and Spain. (There's video at the shop's Instagram account.) 

Per the Ray's Instagram account (where these photos came from):
[T]o everyone who has checked in on Ray and Co. throughout this very trying and weird year, or ordered delivery or something from the to-go window, or sent a tweet or encouraging note on Facebook and Instagram, THANK YOU. Ray truly loves you. You are all his family and mean the world to him. He can't wait to see more of you soon enough.

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Scuba Diva said...

Not even a [virtual] lapdance for Ray this year?