Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Reader report: A mini return of the former Stuyvesant Market on 14th Street and Avenue A?

Last month, we told you that a "deli & grocery" is in the works for the southwest corner of 14th Street and Avenue A. 

Turns out that you may spot some familiar faces here one day: A tipster tells us that employees from the former Stuyvesant Market that was on the southeast corner of 14th Street and Avenue A are behind this new venture. (They've been working at another deli these recent years, per the tipster.)

As you may recall, Stuyvesant Market, as well as several other businesses, burned down in May 2010According to published reports, the fire started at Pete's-a-Pizza, where a welder was working on a fire-access door.

The shell of the storefronts remained empty... and eventually Extell's EVGB development arrived, where the Target sits in the corner space where the market once stood.

As for the under-renovation storefront (currently paused due to a Stop Work Order), Dion Cleaners held down this corner for 35 years ... until this past November.

H/T Michael Paul!


Anonymous said...

I used to live in a studio next door to the post office on the next block.
The guys who ran that corner deli counter and made a good hero :)

Also the pizzeria was named Pete’s-A-Place.

Beacon, NY said...

I remember Stuyvesant Deli. One of the guys at the counter I believed was Egyptian and he tried his best with mimicking the NY accent and showing his loyalty with a Yankees cap.

Anonymous said...

Those guys are really sweet. They have the deli in the middle of the block. I recall asking a Stuy resident friend- how long till they somehow 'remove' all the little businesses from this block to build a big megaplex? this was after Woolworth closed. Was that fire arson?

Unknown said...

No, it was accidental, caused by a worker welding

Big C said...

The fire was caused by the owner of Pete's a Place hiring improperly trained workers to do welding, the fire spread extremely rapidly to the roof and to the adjacent buildings. Great to hear the deli guys, Nasser, Numann, Sal, et al, are expanding. They always serve a good hero sandwich and cheeseburger, and they're so nice to customers.