Monday, June 7, 2021

Hot in the city: Pinc Louds bring the (pre) summertime fun to La Plaza Cultural

Picking up from the previous post ... currently in a crackdown mode (to say the least), the NYPD would not let the Pinc Louds set move forward in Tompkins Square Park on Saturday evening. (No amplified music without a permit...)

However, the show was able to go on at a new location — La Plaza Cultural on Ninth Street at Avenue C, where attendees were treated to another euphoric performance on this hot (not-officially-summer-yet) night. 

EVG contributor Stacie Joy took these photos... 
In other Pinc Louds news, the band's new single, "Aire Acondicionado," drops on Friday.

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Don't cops have ANYTHING better to do than to fuck with performers in the park? MORE people want them than those who do not want them.

Even at the peak of covid psychosis last year we did not experience this level of POLICE STATE repression!

Anonymous said...

I noticed all of this started right after that hard-core show in TSP. Thousands of people traveled into the city and left this mess behind. It ruined a great thing for the residents that actually live here and enjoy how it’s been for the last year.


AnonymASS: You have NO idea what you're spewing. We discovered that the Parks Dept was determined to come down on ANY show in the park, regardless of size.

The number attending the April 24 event was larger than expected to be sure, but it was more like 600-700, NOT thousands.