Saturday, October 9, 2021

A note for the tomato thief on 3rd Street

A note as seen on Third Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue: 

To tomato thief 
You are breaking my heart. 
Please don't do that again. 
Took me months to grow. 
Please bring it back. 
Can exchange w/$ 

Thanks to Michal Pasternak for the photo!


Xeo said...

Yeah there's often this philosophy people have who are in community gardens when they're like "this is all for everyone!"

Yes and no.
It's for anyone who wants to do the work. I know someone who was also growing tomatoes last year and then someone (I know who it is) came and took the first harvest because "community" ... it severely disappointed the person who had put in the work to get those tomatoes... the first harvest of like 3-5 tomatoes *always* goes to the person who was growing and taking care of them! People sometimes think they deserve everything. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

To steal a tomato that a gardener has spent all season growing is about as low as you can get!

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid someone stole from the garden my father and I cultivated. We had a prize cantaloupe that just needed a day or two more on the vine, when we arrived at our plot it was gone. I was a heartbroken kid and my dad had trouble expanding how or why it was stolen.

Anonymous said...

Not to worrie the Key Foods has plenty fresh vegetables and fruit and a friendly selections of everything others!

Anonymous said...

Could it have been an animal?

Anonymous said...

Just put up a sign that says. You stole my tomatoes, I will steal your pot you are growing. Lol

Anonymous said...

@xeo...accept that there isn't a community garden on third street between first and second. Someone must have been growing tomatoes in a tree pit.

Michal said...

@xeo and Anonymous - I took the photo. The plants are on someone's private property in a street-facing ground floor garden.