Tuesday, January 4, 2022

58 1st St. awaits another restaurant

A for rent sign hangs outside now at 58 E. First St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. (Thanks to the EVG reader for the photo!)

Km1 closed here in early December... the restaurant, officially Kilometro Uno, and serving food from the Caribbean, first opened in the summer of 2020... but went dark late last year ... before returning in the fall

The pop-up establishments VistroBurger and PurpleThai were here between Km1 stints. Those two relocated to Gramercy Park.

As we've pointed out, this address has seen several quality restaurants come and go in recent years. Esperanto Fonda lasted nine months here, closing in May 2017. Before that, this was home to BARA for two years and Prima for three years. The Elephant, a Thai restaurant, was previously here for 17 years.

Perhaps the next concept will be able to stick around longer than a few months or years here. 


Anonymous said...

The Elephant was one of the coolest places in town, miss that scene dearly. That whole block was a great restaurant row. And who could forget the guy living in a store front apartment performing in his window surrounded by black lights. That was a wonderful EV 20-25 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I miss the fabulousness of the old hood.