Friday, January 7, 2022

Alone together again

This week, local faves Hello Mary released a video for the pandemic-related single "Evicted" ... you can check it out ☝️ ... find their music on Bandcamp here... a new interview with them at this link ... and check out this EVG feature on the band here.


Anonymous said...

So scary!
Speaking of evictions: There are a few of us who paid and paid and paid DURING the pandemic, but when federal funds and unemployment ran out, we also fell behind. I am one of them and urge my neighbors to PLEASE reach out to local officials to request even a short extension of the Eviction Moratorium for the next 30-60 days to give those of use still seeking employment a means to land a job. I heard that Borough President Mark Levine has made this request, but please, everyone, call the governor's office, make some noise. Landlords in this neighborhood are AGGRESSIVE.

Anonymous said...

Great song! They’re very talented. I hope they go far.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mary is going to make it big. What a great sound, catchy hooks, and riffs. Make the East Village proud girls - we LOVE YOU!!