Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday's opening shot

A mulch mound courtesy of the chipping weekend in Tompkins Square Park... residents can come by and grab some fresh mulch for tree beds, gardens, etc.

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Trixie said...

MulchFest - I finally get it! I walked through Tompkins Square Park after church on Sunday, and there it was, MulchFest. I've never been before, never had a tree to mulch, never thought I needed any free mulch. But there was a giant mound of it there and I stopped by to smell it. Delightful! There was a wee child with a shovel and they told me to grab a bag and fill it with mulch, I told them that I don't have a garden, 'they have little bags' they said, take some! And so I did, I filled an adorable little Mulchfest tow sack, took it home and hung it up, and it smells so good. And now I get it, and am filled with the Mulchfest Spirit!