Thursday, January 6, 2022

To the Tompkins Square Park tree stump art with love

Just noting the latest installation at the Seventh and B entrance to Tompkins Square Park. 

As we've noted, someone has been creating installations atop the stump of the English Elm that came down in August 2020 during Tropical Storm Isaias. 

Obviously, the new work is a statement on the duality of human existence. 

Thanks to Steven for the photo!


Adrian Wilson said...

I was going to suggest it was celebrating the work of Barksquiat, Marcel Treestump, Edvard Mulch, Bark Rothgo and Treeda Kahlo

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, very good. I was going to comment but yours is far superior!

Anonymous said...

this one looks like it can most likely be attributed to the group of young children who love to play here after school - ha! love it!