Monday, April 11, 2022

New York magazine pays homage to the East Village with 'Tales From Little Ukraine'

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New York magazine's annual "Yesteryear Issue" celebrates the magazine’s 54th anniversary by paying homage to the East Village's Little Ukraine. 
"The issue tells the neighborhood’s story through successive waves of immigration, and shows how the neighborhood retained its identity and culture," says features director Genevieve Smith. "These stories are told through a deeply reported history by city editor Christopher Bonanos, as well as first-person accounts and archival photographs and illustrations." 
And the cover? 
The cover features a painting by Yaroslava Surmach Mills (1925–2008), who grew up in the East Village (her father was the proprietor of Surma Book & Music Co.), attended Cooper Union, and became a well-known children's-book illustrator in the 1970s. 
You can find the issue here.

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JAMES said...

Awesome cover! I like it.