Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marketing an East Village scavenger hunt

For some reason this popped up in my inbox the other day... see if you can find the two words in the description that, that... shouldn't have anything to do with the others...

Watson Adventures' Secrets of the East Village Scavenger Hunt
This East Village scavenger hunt takes participants to the haunts of diverse personalities ranging from Washington Irving to Andy Warhol to Carrie Bradshaw to Leon Trotsky, learning amazing facts about the sights seen along the way. Highlights include TV and movie locations, hurly-burly St. Mark's Place, the last remnant of the Fillmore East, the remains of the city's most aristocratic neighborhoods, the scene of a notorious riot over Macbeth, and a mini-Ukraine.

Yes, the answer is Leon Trotsky.

Ugh. Anyway, the tour is this Saturday at 5 p.m., and costs $9.75.

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Lisa said...

Thanks for saving me 10 bucks. Ew.