Monday, July 5, 2010

Nighthawks... and Nighthawks

Remember Jeremiah's series on looking for Hopper's Nighthawks? He wrote a condensed version of it for the Times... and his op-ed appears there today.

Meanwhile! Speaking of Nighthawks...reminds me that I haven't seen "Nighthawks," the surprisingly decent Sly Stallone-Rutger Hauer thriller from 1981 in features a climatic scene aboard the Roosevelt Island tram...

(Image via Roosevelt Island 360 ... where you can read more about the movie...)



Nighthawks fans are in luck. It is being shown as part of the Roosevelt Island Outdoor Summer Movie Series on
August 21 at Firefighters Field. More info available

Ken Mac said...

i also hear "The Warriors" also sports some great 70s New York scenery?