Wednesday, January 2, 2013

East Village stories to watch in 2013 (Part 1)

The reopening of St. Brigid's on Avenue B

[From October]

The restoration/renovation of the historic Avenue B church is winding down after several years... last we heard from a St. Brigid's watcher, the church is expected to reopen in the first few months of this year... and we can't wait to see the inside... Bonus question: Will neighbors ever get used to the bells?


Filling in the Mystery Lot

Ah, our old friend the Mystery Lot...

[Some time ago]

...will soon look like this on East 14th Street/13th Street east of Third Avenue...


The end (and new beginning) of Astor Place

Workers are quickly erecting the 430,000-square-foot office complex at 51 Astor Place ... which will shape up this year to look like...

Building aside, the city is also expected to dramatically reconfigure streets, parks and traffic islands around Astor Place and Cooper Union ... leaving us with that Midtown feeling...


84 Third Ave. grows taller

We learned last month that the Karl Fischer-designed building rising at 84 Third Avenue at East 12th Street will be 12 stories, not nine as originally expected. Of any of the area's new development, this just may look like the most out-of-place project. And that's saying something.


A dorm for 35 Cooper Square

The former 35 Cooper Square was demolished 18 months ago here at East Sixth Street. Perhaps soon in the New Year we will learn more about developer Arun Bhatia's plans for a 9-story dorm, which are currently on file with the DOB.


Something for 100 Avenue A

[A scene outside 100 Avenue A yesterday by Bobby Williams]

Not much seems to be happening at 100 Avenue A, where East Village Farms closed in February 2012. The city disapproved the first round of plans to renovate the space, including adding a "dwelling unit" and roof garden on the upper floors.

The sidewalk outside the storefront has mostly been used to accommodate some people in need of a place to sleep this past year.

However, in one small bit of progress, the DOB did approve the foundation work here back on Nov. 9, per city records. Will we finally see work start on the renovations in 2013?


Development for the former Mary Help of Christians school, church and lot

Staying on Avenue A ... the saga of the Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church enters its fifth year... The Catholic Archdiocese sold the church property, which includes the Don Bosco Salesians rectory adjacent to the church and the church's former school on East 11th Street, for a reported $41 million. Douglas Steiner, owner of the Brooklyn Navy Yard's Steiner Studios, is the new owner, and he has plans for in the works for an 80/20 residential development.

...and this promises to be an enormous development ...

[Via Off the Grid]

Will the church be demolished to make way for the new housing? (The Landmarks Preservation Commission has already turned down requests to landmark the circa-1917 church.) Or will at least part of the church be incorporated into the design of the new building, much like NYU did by sort of including the façade of St. Ann's into the entrance of the 12th Street dorm?

Meanwhile, nothing will likely happen with the new development until workers have shored up the eastern wall at the East Side Community School on East 12th Street.

Tomorrow: East Village stories to watch in 2013 (Part 2)


jose garcia said...

we are all looking forward to opening of st brigids! the big question is less about the bells (consensus among those of us who live w/in ear shot is that they are a lovely addition) but the bigger question is whether they will do something to tone down the lighting at night! it is dreadful and somewhat reminiscent of a stalag which is most unfortunate. happy new year to all!

Daho said...

With the first glass residential tower hovering over Astor Place, the sun dimmed. Now it's a dark canyon in what used to be a sunny happy place. Shame on this building.

Anonymous said...

I miss Farms from 100 A. The last couple days I bought a lot from there for 50-75% off. I saw a girl crying because she didn't know where she would get her groceries from then on.

Anonymous said...

i agree about the bells, it reminds me of living in the south of spain each Sunday... but i wonder... why then cant the mosque on 1st have call to prayer spekers blasting?

glamma said...

The building on Astor is truly the Death Starr.
I fear we are in great danger of losing ALL the light and air we have in the east village, all our zoning has been cashed in for developer profit and politician payout.
For shame indeed.

nygrump said...

Where was Downtown Beirut on 2nd Ave? When did it close? Thanks. I must've gone there but I can't remember it all.

Gojira said...

@NY Grump - Downtown Beirut was on first Avenue between 9th and 10th, east side of the street. Not sure where DB II was, maybe that was on 2nd Ave?

Anonymous said...

What is zoning for Mary Help of Christian site? 80/20 buildings are usually big highrises.

nygrump said...

Thanks, Gojira. I'm reading "Skels" by Maggie Dupris and she mentions it briefly...

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah--Starting each day with your words is such an experience of "what makes us human"--that I can't express my relief and appreciation.