Friday, January 25, 2013

Here is the Eyewitness News report on the 'No 7-Eleven' campaign


VH McKenzie said...

Vacant building? Lori Stokes -- figures.

EVQP said...

Great to get this coverage, too bad it's incorrect... "Vacant building being converted into a new business"??? First line of broadcast gets it wrong immediately!


I thought the same thing VH. The building isn't vacant.

Anonymous said...

We need to tell ABC they got it wrong!! "Vacant building???" Maybe they eat at 7-ll. The young youth? A hundred more stores? Helping "low income" families with trashy food? Provide jobs??

Do you see how some stores are proliferating, especially in this neighborhood, at a rapid pace? A lot of them are trying to be "cute" and fit in yet they move by a long standing business to steal the business. Its called monopolizing folks!

Anyway we can retort by twitter, email ABC, NY POST, Daily News, NBC, or CBS, etc. They all love it when the competition gets it wrong and it will bring even more attention to the cause.

I also noticed that each person, besides the "vacant" reporter was right on with their comments about the community and arts.

Eyewitness?? I am scratching the heck out of my catnip box.

Wow, I really do miss Bob Arihood today.
In solidarity, Lucie Gato

VH McKenzie said...

I moved to that block in '89 and that corner building has never been vacant.

That opening line completely misrepresents the context of the neighborhood opposition.

Local news - meh.

rob said...

Oh, don't be too rough on ABC -- it was a
very sympathetic piece to our growing 'NO 7-Eleven.' They
contacted us to do a piece because they saw a popular
resistance, not to praise 7-Eleven.
The key was the intro "Well, this is the East Village"
implying that resistance is still alive
in some feisty neighborhoods. Give them
a thanks along with the correction. Keep
them on our side, I say. The interview
at the end with Chris had the last word -- the ordinary guy
is getting screwed by the big corporation.

Anonymous said...

the building is in fact vacant so she is factually correct. it was an unfortunately sloppy intro into an otherwise outstanding piece and great job on the part of the reporter. a big win, declare victory and move on.


I agree Rob. I'm grateful ABC didn't cut the segment due to the snow. And you know what, even if the building WAS vacant, I'd STILL prefer a vacant building to a 7-Eleven! ;)

Anonymous said...

The retail space is vacant, not the building. Those are two completely different things.

VH McKenzie said...

@Anonymous 8:29 -- Agreed! That is the distinction and, contrary to the saying, is a distinction with a HUGE difference that clearly escaped Lori Stokes.

Perhaps you could classify the retail space as vacant but the door had barely hit "Bar On A''s ass on the way out before renovations began. It is only "vacant" because there is a MASSIVE renovation underway.

A prime location, such as that corner, would never be vacant for long -- and NEVER HAS BEEN over the course of the past 25 years..........eeediat news folk.

rob said...

@Liberation: We need a stranded dolphin to compete.
"Disoriented dolphin found wandering in 7-Eleven."
"Doug, are you worried that this is a toxic environment
for a dolphin?"
"No, the dolphin won't eat anything there. They are
extraordinarily smart animals."
"Just confused by the bright lighting?
"That's right. Once she realizes where she's in,
she'll get the hell out of here pretty fast is my guess."

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Wow. Somebody (PR person?) on the anti-7-11 team knows how to get the good coverage. Nice job.

Did the anti-7-11 crew provide the spokespeople for ABC? If so, the last guy with the grey beard and ski hat hit just the right notes, IMO.


7-Eleven is the nutritional equivalent of the Gowanus Canal!

Jeff said...

I've said before I have mixed felings about 7/11. The main con is that it takes storefronts away from local businesses, and there are already plenty of 7/11 in the area. The pros are that id doesn't increase the property value in any possible way, unlike the trendy, expensive restaurants that are ruining the LES.

As for "vcant Building" the occupants should contact the station and demand a retraction on primetime.

Anonymous said...

Building is full of residents!!!
Residnets who have been suffering not only the burden of this monstrosity of construction but general bad management; On topic these days serious problems of NO HEAT, NO HOT WATER, and a bunch of other sad problems.