Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Mobil on Avenue C is still going strong — for now

[EVG file photos]

Back in September, The Real Deal reported the Mobil station at Houston and Avenue C had been sold to a brokerage firm for $8 million.

Existing zoning allows for 43,000 square feet of residential development on the parcel, which has 120 feet of frontage on Houston Street, according to The Real Deal.

Some people figured that the station would be a goner by year's end. Not so. An EVG Facebook friend stopped by yesterday and noted that they were as busy as ever. (And you saw the crowds post-Sandy.) Darryl Terrell, the station's longtime manager, didn't have any updates on how much longer they'd be here on the corner.

So far, plans haven't been filed with the DOB for any new building.

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