Thursday, January 24, 2013

February CB3-SLA highlights: I Cipressi, Sunshine Cinema and the Immigrant Tap Room

Hey now. The folks at CB3 have released the liquor license docket for February's meeting. Many of the applicants this time around are below Houston, so it's not really our fucking problem you can likely find more details on these establishments in the days/weeks ahead via BoweryBoogie and The Lo-Down.


Let's take a look.

SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, February 11 at 6:30 pm — JASA/Green Residence, 200 E. 5th Street at Bowery

Applications within Saturated Areas

[EVG file photo from last June]

• 1st Street Ventures Inc, 44A 1st St (wb)

This is Julius Klein's former studio-gallery space ... he left back early in the summer after being Cromanized... No word just yet what this will be... we've spotted several prospective tenants check out this space going back to the summer...

• The Cow Theater (Stephen & Tyler Productions LLC), 21A Clinton St (wb)

• 154 Ludlow Bar LLC, 154 Ludlow St (op)

• I Cipressi Restaurant (Lidoalberta LLC), 189 Ave A (wb)

Lorella Innocenti, a former owner of I Coppi, which closed in September on East Ninth Street, is starting a new Tuscan-style restaurant here at the former Vampire Freaks space.

EVG reader J-Dough recently spotted sisters Maristella Innocenti (pictured left, who owns Matilda on East 11th Street off Avenue C with her husband Esteban Molina), and Lorella outside No. 189.


• Peels Restaurant (Radley Realty Corp), 325 Bowery (op/alt/extend bar counter "L" shape, add 5-6 seats)


• Cafe Katja (Graz Restaurant LLC), 75 Orchard St (op/alt/license to adjoin current business at 77-79)

• The General/Finale/Bow (Bakers Dozen Associates LLC), 199 Bowery (op/alt/move dance space to back half of the ground floor)


• SakaMai (SakaMai LLC), 157 Ludlow St (op/alt/add stand up bar)

New Liquor License Applications

• Sunshine Lounge (Cinema Beverages Holding Company LLC), 143 E Houston St (op)

The Sunshine wants to add food and drinks to go along with their art-house cinema. CB3 hasn't been too receptive, per The Lo-Down ... and BoweryBoogie.

• The Immigrant Tap Room, 341 E 9th St (wb)

We wrote about this yesterday.

• Barzinho Inc, 48 Hester St (wb)

I don't even know where Hester Street is. (KIDDING.)

• Guayoyo (Highseyko Corporation), 67 1st Ave (op/upgrade)

• To be Determined, 266 Broome St (op)

• Retro Bar & Grill (Delancey Diner LLC), 148-150 Delancey St (op

Hope that's just a working title for the bar & grill...

• Natori Saint Marks LLC, 58 St Marks Pl (wb)

The owners moved to Japan late last year. Despite word that the space would close, new owners took over the space. A tipster told us the new owner also runs Sushi Lounge and Noodle Cafe Zen on St. Mark's, and Zen 6 on East Sixth street.

• Long Xin Restaurant (Sunrise Restaurant 88 Inc), 50 Eldridge St (b)

• Luzzo's (Luzzo's 211 LLC), 211 1st Ave (op)


• Azize Cafe & Lounge (45 First Ave Corp), 45 1st Ave (wb)

• Pulperia on Essex Inc, 131 Essex St (wb)

• To be Determined, 138 Orchard St (op)

• Mediterrean Grill and Tapas (Izagara Gourmet Inc), 128 1st Ave (op/upgrade)

• 90 Third Avenue TC Restaurant LLC, 90 3rd Ave (op)

This was last Montein Thai Cuisine near 12th Street... the DOH closed them in January 2011, and they never reopened. We've lost track of the applicants here... last that we recall, a Mexican eatery had designs on the space. Will get an update.

• Bar Chevere (O & O Wine Corp), 181 Essex St (op)

• Ivrose B LLC, 137 1st Ave (wb)

This is the former Tara Thai Cuisine space

• Eastwood (Sivandrew Inc), 200 Clinton St aka 221 E B'way (wb)

From the folks who own B-Side on Avenue B. Been a challenging go here too.

• Rivington 155 Parlor Inc, 155 Rivington St (op) (St Jerome's)


b=beer only | wb=wine & beer only | op=liquor, wine, & beer | alt=alterations


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Lorella Innocenti? There is a kitty sitting in the window of the former Vampire Freaks space on Avenue A near 12th where she is opening her new restaurant. I don't know how long the cat has been in there, but I first noticed her (or maybe him) a few days ago, and I haven't seen anyone going in and out of the space. The gate is down, and it is closed up. When I go up to the window, the cat meows at me. I tried calling the number for Lorella's I Coppi restaurant, but it doesn't work, and I contacted the restaurant owned by her sister, but no luck. Whoever has the cat locked up in here (could be the restaurant peeps or maybe the landlord for mousing purposes) is being cruel. There is no way that space is being fully heated while it is empty, and the cat has to be incredibly lonely. And is the cat getting any food and water? If I don't make any progress today, I am going to call the SPCA to see if they can do anything.

glamma said...

What is happening with the suffolk and what is happening with st jeromes???

Anonymous said...

Now there's an appetizing sounding name.

Kinda like "Hey, I had pulperia the morning after I ate at Pulperia."

Anonymous said...

They slapped a collar on the cat and put on some Christmas lights. It's not abuse anymore!