Saturday, January 26, 2013

RIP Alan Shenker aka Yossarian

[East Side Book Store, Saint Mark's Place 1972. Photo by Patrick Rosenkranz]

Several readers have passed along word that Alan Shenker, aka Yossarian/Yo, a legendary figure in the underground comics world in the late 1960s and beyond, died on Jan. 14. He was 67.

Among many other endeavors, he created illustrations and comics for the East Village Other, Gothic Blimp Works, The Rat, Kiss and the New York Ace.

He lived on St. Mark's Place the past 35 years.

There are features on his life here at The Comics Journal ... and at The Paris Review.

There is also a new Facebook page for him. Per the description:

A Page dedicated to the spirit of Alan Shenker/Yossarian: Son of Levittown, Revolutionary, Mordant Wit, Illustrator Par Excellence, Imbiber of Spirits, Flâneur, Haircutter, East Villager, Crank, Soul Man & Friend.

You can find an array of his artwork here at Babylon Falling.

[Via Babylon Journal]

From The Comics Journal yesterday:

His friends described his lifestyle as a “flaneur” or a “downtown habitué.” “He did what all New Yorkers do,” said [longtime friend] Maryann. “He complained about everything. He sat around drinking coffee at cafes. He talked to everyone. He was totally righteous and he never sold out.”


Anonymous said...

Though not limited to the East Village, Babylon Falling has tons of great stuff. - M.

Anonymous said...

there's something that deserves an blog, if not a blog entry - the east village other.