Wednesday, January 23, 2013

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

[East 12th Street near Avenue A via Shawn Chittle]

Q-n-A with Missing Foundation's Chris Egan (Flaming Pablum)

More history of the 9th Street Bakery (Off the Grid)

East Village substitute teacher suspended for selling books meant for fund-raiser (DNAinfo)

When the second floor of 1551 Broadway belonged to the Follies Burlesk (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

The story of Kirsten Larson, "an American Girl doll who sat on a shelf in the Ottendorfer branch" of the NY Public Library on Second Avenue (The New York Times)

The New Yorker reviews L’Apicio in the Mall of Avalon Bowery Place (The New Yorker)

Suing Ian Schrager on Christie Street (BoweryBoogie)

One possible future tenant for Seward Park project (The Lo-Down)

Bua on St. Mark's Place has a new menu (Eater)

Where the survivors from the Titanic docked (Ephemeral New York)

It is cold out (Gothamist)

And we've opened the heating center ... there's a 42-minute limit.


Anonymous said...

I still can't believe that GOLES and The Cooper Square Committee are so weak to allow themselves to be dicked around.

The whole thing was spearheaded by Dominic Pisciotta Berg and David McWater.

David McWater is on the CB3 SLA Committee and co-chair of Land-use.

His bar Uncle Mike's in Tribeca was recently shut down for good. He then sold Nice Guy Eddie's to Darin Rubell of RP Miller & Associates and Bob Perl of Tower Brokerage.

I can not believe that GOLES and The Cooper Square Committee have allowed themselves to be gagged.

What a disgrace. People are very submissive. This is public land. The apartments should be for working middle class, lower middle class and seniors Instead the majority of it will be market rate housing.

People do great things in this world. That is not what this is. This is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to photoshop a picture of Mrs Obama and her new bangs as a Ramone.

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask for more positive stories like the doll-lending at the NYPL Ottendorfer branch and "Out and About", but then I remembered this blog has Grieve in the title.

EV Grieve said...

Still sounds happier than EV Bemoan!

Uncle Waltie said...

Anonymous 2:29PM:

Your link got truncated and didn't lead anywhere. I'm curious to what event you're referring to. Please elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Waltie - I just cut and pasted the link and it worked so try that or go to and search under Uncle Mike's. But just in case here is a tidbit from the story:

After the Murray Street bar was caught serving minors three times in three years, the city deemed Uncle Mike's a "public nuisance" in March and said it ought to be shuttered immediately, according to court papers.

The bar finally closed for good on June 30 after failing to renew its liquor license. The venue was known for bikini-clad bartenders, live music and a construction worker clientele, and it also drew some complaints from local women, who said they felt uncomfortable walking through the crowds that gathered on the sidewalk.

David McWater, the owner of Uncle Mike's and former chairman of the East Village/Lower East Side's Community Board 3, did not respond to a request for comment Thursday.

The city's lawsuit, filed in March, made the case that closing Uncle Mike's would be good for the community.

"[Uncle Mike's] should not be allowed to remain open even one more day," city lawyers said in the court documents. "The operators of 'Uncle Mike's' brazenly continue to allow such activity which endangers their patrons and the surrounding community. It is clear that a closing order is the only effective remedy to abate this serious public nuisance."

Uncle Waltie said...

Thanks for the summary.