Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rent this East 11th Street apartment; enjoy the artificial turf out back

Here's an apartment that just hit on the market on East 11th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue... Per Streeteasy:

Spacious studio / Junior 1 bdrm with private backyard access! A rare find in NYC!
Separate kitchen that will be totally renovated (will feature new cabinets and appliances)
Brand new bathroom
2 large closets
A/C unit in wall
Entire apartment will be cleaned and painted

The rent is $2,600. (Maybe you could get it for less if they didn't clean or paint it? Ha.) Anyway, perhaps you can offset that cost by opening up a miniature golf course in that private backyard... here's the lone photo that accompanied the listing...

You may want to run it by the World Minigolf Sport Federation first.


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Wonder if they cropped out a slide from the brand new bathroom to the private backyard. Slides are very attractive features for our new woo-hoo EV demographic. And might go explain the rental price tag for this dump.

Anonymous said...

Would it have killed them to remove the dirty broken table before snapping a photo? One can only imagine what the apartment looks like.

Anonymous said...

I bet there's a body under the astro turf!

Makeout said...

@ Anon 12:24- I'm not betting you!

Joe Blow said...

yeah.. $2,600 for the first year.. and $3,300 after three.

I had a nice apartment w balcony for $2k.. $2,300 the second and they wanted $2,700 for the third.