Friday, January 6, 2017

Rumors continue about the future of the empty lot at 89 1st Ave.

As we've noted (here and here, for instance) in the past few years, workers continue to poke around inside the long-empty lot at 89 First Ave. between Fifth Street and Sixth Street.

Yesterday, EVG reader Michael Hirsch spotted a crew taking more soil samples.

As you may recall, we heard a rumor in the fall of 2014 that there were preliminary plans in place to build a 7-floor residential building here.

There still aren't any permits on file with the DOB noting any new-building construction, though it's hard to imagine that a prime plot of land would stay vacant any longer in this day and age...

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Drilling and soil testing commences at the long-empty lot at 89 1st Ave.


Anonymous said...

I hope nothing happens there (Yeah, right)..That lot has been open and available for many decades and I loved seeing it that way.

Downtowner said...

There's a construction barricade around the lot now, a temporary walkway, and a sign with a rendering of an 8-story building that will cantilever over the neighboring Rite-Aid drugstore.

Seems like it's beginning construction - I assumed it was a go.

EV Grieve said...

That is a go for 75 1st Ave. ... this is one block to the north at No. 89

cmarrtyy said...

Build baby build. I hate these filthy vacant lots and plywood walls.

Anonymous said...

The lot owner Florence Toledano lives in a RENT CONTROLLED apt in my building. Anyone have any idea how and who to report this to? Hardly feels fair that a person who owns two vacant lots in the EV is subsidized.